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At PaleoLife we are very proud of our goal. To create ultra-premium, naturally nutritional foods that are inspired by Primal or Paleo diets and ideal for anyone who wants a delicious energy boost. We believe in the Paleo/Primal Diet-inspired belief that the foods we put into our bodies should be nothing but the truly highest-quality, containing the freshest, REAL whole foods as close to nature as possible.

Our products are made up of ingredients that we, as humans, not only consumed for millennia but THRIVED on. These are the basic natural resources that have proved to have helped us evolve both physically and mentally. We also know that the Paleo diet is complex in its simplicity and can sometimes seem hard. 

Our bars give you a VALUABLE RESOURCE by knowing that every time you bite into one, you are getting a 100% Paleo based snack. We started out designing "the ultimate post-workout recovery and meal replacement foods" (such as our PaleoLife Barfor ourselves. At the time, nothing else on the market met our ridiculously high demands for something that is Paleo-friendly, natural and contains truly FRESH ingredients.


Join the thousands of Paleo-friendly, Primal, Caveman lifestyle people looking for the healthy options that have discovered and fallen in love with PaleoLife bars. 
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So if you are as hyper-vigilant as we are about only putting the HIGHEST QUALITY FOODS into your body, then we are confident you will love our paleo, primal, caveman-friendly snacks.

Go ahead, eat real food that helps you stay active. 

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Our bars are a HIGH PROTEIN, on the go supplement that is Paleo & Primal healthy lifestyle friendly .

  • 19g of High-Protein and 14g of Fiber in our PRIMAL VANILLA provides massive energy just when you need it.
  • PRIMAL COCOANUT is packed with 16g of protein, and 11g of fiber! Perfect for post-workout or meal replacement, or on-the-go snack.
  • The best part about these is the natural protein and fiber that fuel the body and keep you feeling full without filler. 
  • Our bars includes Organic Virgin Coconut Oil rich in MCT's and Lauric Acid, for your brain health and fat-burning power!
  • NO GLUTEN or Wheat ingredients, NO SOY, NO DAIRY, NO ADDED SUGAR or AGAVE-laden ingredients! 
  • Great for CROSSFIT & PRIMAL fitness people, LOW-GLUTEN and LOW-CARB and LOW-GLYCEMIC natural foods lovers! The ultimate post-workout recovery bar. Anywhere.

    Even if you're not into that PALEO thing, you're here because you are interested in fueling your athletic power with REAL FOODS, FRESH FOODS, PALEOLIFE FOODS.

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