Natural Paleo with Honey Rather than Agave Nectar

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Looking for the ultimate replacement of refined sugar? Despite both honey and agave nectar being touted as natural sweeteners, honey is the only natural, non-processed food among the two. Added to that, the high levels of fructose in agave nectar makes honey the better alternative.

Honey vs agave nectar

Look at the Production

Honey is produced by honeybees from the concentrated nectar of flowers. It is collected directly from the extractor. Agave nectar is made by extracting juice from leaves of seven to fourteen year old Agave Americana and Tequiliana plants. The juice is then filtered and subsequently heated to break down the complex components into simple non-paleo friendly fructose.

Choose Natural Benefits

One ounce of honey contains around 85 calories, whereas one ounce of agave nectar contains 80 calories. Despite being slightly higher in calories, nutritionally honey contains more beneficial elements than agave nectar. While both products contain some vitamins C and calcium, honey also contains minerals such as iron, copper, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, and zinc. Both agave nectar and honey contain glucose and fructose however, agave nectar contains significantly higher levels of fructose (50% to 90%). According to recent studies such high fructose levels are likely to reduce your metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This makes agave nectar dangerous to diabetics and not really beneficial to your overall health.

Enjoy the benefits of antioxidants

As a substance that can prevent or slow cell damage, antioxidants should be an essential part of everybody’s diet. While agave juice starts with ample antioxidants, during the filtering process most of it is reduced or completely destroyed by the time it is turned into agave nectar. As it is all natural, honey contains as many antioxidants as vegetables and fruits. It also contains a unique antioxidant called pinocembrin which is associated with improved brain function.

Despite its recent popularity, the high fructose levels in agave nectar make it significantly inferior to honey, especially if you are diabetic. If you are looking for a truly primal natural sweetener to substitute your sugars with, honey is the clearly the winner.

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